Phase 1: Charrette

The Bee Tower is an iconic gesture of the regeneration of the Silo City site, both naturally and economically.  The material properties of the tower represent the cluster of material manufactures around the site while housing the colony of bees. Visitors enter the hive from below and look up at it, similar to the silos and bins of Marine A.  Professional beekeepers gain access to the hive by lowering it, which allows them to ensure the health and safety of the bees.  The double wall provides protection, warmth and separates access for bees and humans.   Circulating on a multimodal path, visitors learn about native pollinator plants.  These nodes also frame key views of the surrounding historic grain elevators and the new upcoming developments of Silo City.

Kyle standing inside of one of the remaining Marine A bin bottoms looking up into the silo.

Section of tower concept. Left image shows lowered cab for beekeeper access. The right image shows the cab in its raised position for viewing.

Proposed pollinator path with native plants to support the bee colony and framed views of Silo City.

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