There are many people to mention and thank for this opportunity.

Rick Smith and Rigidized Metals are funding the development and construction of the project.

The School of Architecture and Planning and the Department of Architecture have sponsored part of the semi-finalist and finalist competition phases.

Thanks also to Kerry Traynor, Lynda Schneekloth and Beth Tauke for bringing this opportunity to the Ecological Practices Research Group.

Many UB Architecture faculty and community members have served as jurors during the three phases of competition.

The first jury included: Rick Smith, Jeff Eder co-developer on the American Office Building project, Architects William Haskas and Peter Dorsey, Beekeeper Philip Barr, Site manager Jim Watkins, Dean and Professor Bob Shibley, Associate Professor Beth Tauke, Clinical Assistant Professor Stephanie Davidson, and Professor Emeritus Lynda Schneekloth.

The second jury included: Rick Smith, Philip Barr, William Haskas, Peter Dorsey, Professor Annette Lecuyer, Adjunct Assistant Professor Nerea Feliz, and Adjunct Assistant Professor Greg Delaney.

The third and final jury included: Rick Smith, Philip Barr, Jim Watkins, William Haskas, Peter Dorsey, Bob Shibley, Lynda Schneekloth, Chair and Associate Professor Omar Khan, and Professor Brian Carter.

Project advisors to the student teams include: Clinical Assistant Professor Chris Romano, Assistant Professor Martha Bohm, Assistant Professor Joyce Hwang, Structural engineer Mark Bajorek, Structural engineer Peter Grace, Beekeeper Philip Barr, and Architecture student Alex Poklinkowski.

Hive City coordinators are Joyce Hwang, Martha Bohm, and Chris Romano. Laura Garofalo was also involved in initial planning phases.

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