Inside2013: Competition Winners Announced


Elevator B was selected as the Jury Winner in the Emerging Talents category in the Morpholio Project’s Inside 2013 Competition. Congratulations to Danielle Krug, a recent B/a+p graduate, for winning a Jury Honor Award in the Emerging Talents category! Danielle was part of Team 1 in the Hive City Design Competition.

Here is the announcement from the Morpholio Project:

On behalf of the competition organizers, collaborators and supporters, the Morpholio Project is proud to congratulate the Inside 2013 Winners. “There’s a wealth of talent brimming from the young designers, especially with respect to creative structures for communities.” said Diana Budds, Associate Editor of Dwell Magazine. “The submissions take into consideration our increased use of technology, as well as more humble applications, from social to architectural levels, and contribute ideas which are not so far off from being realized in the future.” said Birgit Lohmann, Editor-in-Chief of designboom.

Inside 2013 was assembled as a means to publicly promote the research, exploration and investigation currently happening amongst today’s emerging talent. “The finalists are clearly a group of designers with the depth of understanding, respect and sensitivity to not just provide a project or product solution, but to assess a client’s or user’s significant requirements.” said Cheryl Durst CEO and Executive Vice President of the IIDA. Gregory Han, Tech Editor of apartment therapy called it “an inspiring and imaginative detour from my work as an editor, normally reviewing “finished” products/designs, with each finalist investigating material and structure in ways which reminded me it’s as important to remember “what can be” as much as “what already is”. All of the submissions exemplified outstanding work and the competition organizers are grateful for the enormous amount of entrants who were bold enough to confront the world with their voice. “Students make the most wonderfully reckless designers because middle managers have yet to crush their creativity.” said Mark Wilson of Fast Company Design.

Inside 2013 would also like to give a special thanks to the IIDA, AIAS, AIGA, DBA, BustlerArchinectdesignboomDwell magazine,apartment therapyWiredInhabitat, TEDx , Decor 8 and the incredible jury who supported the work. This year’s jury included Cheryl Durst of the IIDA, Tim Maly of Wired Magazine, Diana Budds of Dwell Magazine, Jill Fehrenbacher of Inhabitat, Mark Wilson of Fast Company Design, Connie Frances Avila of TEDx, Gregory Han of Apartment Therapy, and Birgit Lohmann of designboom. To view the Winners, Honor Awards and Honorable Mentions, please visit “Pinup” on the competition app.

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