The Architizer A+ Awards Gala



May 17, 2013

A note from Marc Kushner, CoFounder of Architizer and a practicing architect. (Published on Architizer)

Last night we threw a party for architecture. Architecture needed a good party.

At a venue on the West Side of New York City we had entrepreneurs, developers, fashion designers, the CEO of a major sports team and the President of a nation. All of them at an architecture event.

Last night we took a risk. We put architecture on a stage that it was unaccustomed to. We put it in a global spotlight.

Last night we broke out of the echo chamber where architects speak exclusively to architects, and we reminded the public how important our profession is.

Last night we held our heads up proudly and said to the world: We are architects! We design every space you live in, work in and play in. We are the people that design the backdrop to everyday life.

Last night we told the world that architecture is ready to be recognized for its contribution.

Congratulations to all of our winners. Congratulations to every architect in the world. This is just the beginning.


The Architizer Awards ceremony was attended by Courtney and Scott representing the whole team and everyone who helped make the project happen. The Awards itself was held at Cedar Lake Dance in Chelsea, and while there was a red carpet we have no actual photos of the winners on it. The closest thing we have is this video of our three word multifesto.

An afterparty was held about ten blocks down the Highline at the Standard Hotels Top of the Standard/Boom Boom Room, which will be remembered for its  “luxurious 70s-inspired glam”, expensive cocktails and bathrooms with amazing views of the NY skyline.

The same weekend Rigidized Metals was set up at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Javits Center and we stopped by to say hello.  They had some photos of Elevator B on display and had also just been written up in conjunction with Elevator B in Architects Newspaper.

Hopefully this is not our last award as we are finalists for the Azure A+ Student Award whose winners will be announced at a gala in Toronto on June 13th.

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