Press Coverage

Elevator B has been gaining a lot of press in the past few weeks, with coverage expanding into professional blogs and newspapers! Below are excerpts and links to the full articles.

The Globe and Mail: Building Sweet Buzz in an Urban Wasteland By Lisa Rochon

“The bees took over years ago. They infiltrated a crumbling office building on the site and built a honeycomb castle for their queen that climbed six feet high. It was an act of exquisite architecture that deserved another, this time by University at Buffalo graduate architecture students who have recently unveiled an iconic new hexagonal tower for the important work that honey bees do. Their competition-winning design stands almost seven metres tall in the middle of the urban wasteland, sunlight reflecting from its textured stainless steel – a beacon of urban regeneration.”

Architect Magazine: A Tower for Bees By Blaine Brownell

“Architecture is typically an anthropocentric affair, with a focus on the welfare of human beings—often at the neglect of other species. But a team of architecture students at the University of Buffalo has demonstrated that architecture can provide benefits to living creatures other than people.”

The Dirt, The American Society of Landscape Architects Blog: A New Home for a Bee Colony

“The University of Buffalo’s School of Architecture and Planning seems especially respectful of nature. After the success of their bat tower, a beautifully-designed structure for a bat colony that the bats themselves seem to love, the school’s architecture and urban planning grad students moved on to designing new spaces for bees.”

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